How do I reset my ClamCase?

  1. Go to iPad Settings > Bluetooth Settings
  2. To the right of ‘ClamCase Pro Keyboard’, there should be a blue ‘I’ icon. Please tap the icon and then tap ‘Forget This Device’. Then press ‘OK’ once prompted
  3. Turn ClamCase off
  4. Turn iPad completely off
  5. Wait 60 seconds and turn iPad back on and Bluetooth on
  6. Power on ClamCase
  7. ClamCase should then show up under ‘Other Devices’ under Bluetooth setting
  8. If you do not see ‘ClamCase Pro Keyboard’ under Bluetooth devices hold the Bluetooth key located on keyboard for 5-10 seconds to engage Bluetooth pairing on ClamCase
  9. Once ‘ClamCase Pro Keyboard’ appears under Bluetooth devices, tap the device to reconnect your ClamCase Pro
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