Setting up an Accessory

The CommandKit App will guide you through setting up accessories in your Home the first time you use the app. Otherwise follow these instructions:




Select the accessory you want to add here 




 Ensure your Wi-Fi network name is showing under "NETWORK" and tap "Next"




Your accessory is now joining your Wi-Fi network 









Once your accessory has joined your Wi-Fi network, this screen will be displayed. Tap "Done"





 Add your accessory to your Home here





Now you may scan or manually enter your setup code













Name your accessory. Please do not leave blank spaces (hanging spaces) at the end of your accessory name.




Put your accessory in a room here




 Create a Room if there are none available




You may select an icon to represent your Room




 Select an icon from the list below and slide the icon list toward the bottom of your screen. Do not tap "Done" yet.




 Add accessory to your Room








 Tap "Okay" to complete accessory setup


 Your accessory is now ready to be controlled! 

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