Creating a Home

In HomeKit, your "Home" is virtual representation of your actual home or office where you will set you accessories up. The CommandKit App will guide you through creating a Home the first time you use the app. Otherwise follow these instructions:

In the Home List, tap the "+ home" in the the top right hand corner


Next, enter a name for your home. Please do not leave blank spaces (hanging spaces) after your Home name.




You may set a custom image of your home here



You may also skip adding an image by selecting "Skip this step" after tapping the gray house icon.



Add your Home address here 



 Tap "Allow" to allow the CommandKit App to use location services.



Tap the icon above "Tap to use current location" to use your current location as your Home address.



 Tap "Save"









Your Home is now ready to have accessories added to it. Select this link to go to accessory setup.

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