How do I Create a schedule (Timed Event)

 Create a Timed Event

  • Expand the Control Panel
  • Tap Edit Home located at the bottom
  • Tap Events
  • Tap the "+" at the top right corner
  • Select Timed Events
  • Tap into the Title field and name the Event
  • Tap "return" to hide the keyboard


Configure Your Timed Event

  • Tap Set Time and select the time you want the event to happen
  • Tap Set Time again to hide the Time Wheel
  • Tap Repeat and select how often you want the Event to repeat
  • Select a scene, for the scene list, that you want this event to run. Tap the "+" to add a new scene. Follow the steps in the Create a Scene section
  • Tap Save

Note: An Event can only trigger a Scene. To control an individual accessory, you must first create a Scene for that accessory. Then create an Event to trigger that Scene.




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