Our plant-based Organicore™ case is 100% biodegradable in a compostable environment, reducing landfill waste by naturally re-entering the environment from where it started.



  •  Eco-friendly protection
  •  Made from plants
  •  100% Compostable
  •  6-foot drop protection
  •  Wireless charging-compatible


What is Organicore made up of?

Our Organicore cases are made with a proprietary blend of 100% composted plant and bio-based materials.

Does your product meet either ASTM D6400 or EN13432 standards?

The materials in our product do meet ASTM D6400 or EN13432 standards.


Is Organicore compostable in a residential setting?

Yes. Organicore cases are compostable in a residential compost environment.

How long will it take for my Organicore case to break down in a compost?

The time for the material to break down in a compost environment can vary greatly as it’s dependent on the quality of the compost setting – it can be as short as six months in an industrial landfill and up to two to three years in residential/backyard compost environments.

How should I clean my case?

Soap and water are the recommended method to clean your case.

Will my light-colored case get stained more easily?

Lighter cases may tend to pick up stains more easily. If this is a concern, we recommend selecting one of our darker cases. If you do decide to purchase a lighter case, please note it tends to pick up stains, including denim.

Is the Organicore Case an impact/protective case?

Yes. Organicore has been tested to protect against drops up to 6ft.

Does my Organicore Case have a warranty?

Organicore is backed by Incipio’s one-year warranty. Please click HERE for further details on our warranty policy.

Do you plan on launching case designs for any other phones? I would love to have a biodegradable case, but I do not have an iPhone.

Organicore cases are currently available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’ve also expanded Organicore to Samsung devices including, Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. As new devices become available, we will continue to look into expanding our Organicore collection.


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